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When it comes to mediation and litigation services, Lois Iannone Attorney At Law in Cranston, Rhode Island, is the one to contact. Her legal services are what you need when you have a family dispute issue.

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As a Family Court litigator, Lois Iannone, knows that many individuals navigating the Family Court system feel lost and sometimes helpless in a contested divorce. Ms. Iannone is an attorney that handles each and every case differently, based upon the issues of the divorce matter that her clients are experiencing. She knows that a divorce is overwhelming to her clients and she keeps a watchful eye on every aspect of your divorce.

This experienced attorney maintains a deep focus time and time again on your case as it pertains to you and your needs. She is dedicated to her work as a litigator using very calming and trustworthy techniques. Ms. Iannone utilizes her superior proficiencies in the Family Court when proactive attention is what is needed.


Ms. Iannone offers a positive, affordable alternative to an adversial climate most people relate to when contemplating a divorce. She offers a neutral setting, wherein both parties work though areas, such as child custody, child support, visitation, and other disputes parties face when they divorce. Your discussions in mediation are held strictly confidential! Call (401) 944-5499 if you have any questions about:

• Process of Divorce • Process of Mediation

• Concerns in Making a Choice
   to Mediate or Litigate

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is about bringing couples together to talk about the dispute and how to resolve it amicably. This is without the need to litigate each and every issue of a divorce proceeding. Mediation makes sense. After all, it is you and your partner who knows the most about your issues and how best to resolve them.

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Contact Ms. Iannone in Cranston, Rhode Island, to receive the litigation services needed for your important case.