Family Law Mediation in Rhode Island


Attorney Lois Iannone has been a certified Family Court mediator since 2006. Her office provides a relaxed, comfortable and confidential environment concerning your Family Court matter.

Couples can be at ease to discuss their concerns and they will learn how they can resolve their conflicts quickly in order to be amicable with each other and resolve their issues with dignity. Couple will learn that good communication skills will allow their relationship with each other to remain amicable, friendly and non-contentious.

Mediation allows the couples to decide what is in their best interest and more importantly what is in their children's best interest without Court intervention.

Couple would be able to make their own decisions rather than have the Court who really does not know and understand their lifestyles; their emotionally attachments and the financial future. Mediation assists couples in developing options for conflict resolutions in a delicate but equitable fashion.